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Ankit Patel

Ankit Patel,  Founder

Ankit Patel is the founder of My Business Care Team.  He and his wife started Classic Vision Care – a full-service optometry group in Atlanta, GA. He found that hiring good help was hard and so decided to see what tasks could be moved off-site to somewhere that had a better labor pool. He found the Philippines as a great source of very talented people who are willing to work and are relatively inexpensive to the local job market. He works with his Filipino partners to build out a team of phone representatives, back office admin tasks, insurance verification, insurance billing and filling, insurance posting, virtual assistants, and soft collections.
linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ankitpatelcvc/

Nofa Lee

Nofa Lee, Head of HR in Training

Nofa has 10 years of experience in Operations and Human Resources. She has helped companies in actualizing their ramp plans, creating outstanding company culture, and personalizing client experience. Her background in Organizational/Industrial Psychology has contributed to her success in Talent and Retention Management. She turns one person’s skill/talent into a great performance.

Pam Navarro

Pam Navarro, Executive Assistant

Pam has a degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Computer Science and has 5 years of work experience as an executive assistant. Being detail-oriented is one of her assets. As a Executive Assistant on the Business care team, she ensures that all our VAs are well-trained and trustworthy.


Our mission at My Business Care Team is to help businesses provide exceptional customer service that drives growth and enhances their reputation.


Our mission is to empower optometrists and ophthalmologists to flourish by managing their business with the same dedication they show towards their patients.

Book a consultation. We’ll prepare a proposal and walk you through every step of the process.

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