Optimize Operations: Remote Talent for Optometry Business Growth

6 Irresistible Reasons Why Hiring Remote Workers Can Transform Your Optometry Business

Feeling Stretched Thin? Battling Rising Inflation?

Enter Remote Workers: The Game Changer

You’re not alone if your optometry business in the US is facing tough times. But what if we told you there’s a solution? A way to deal with increased workloads and hand off the pesky tasks that have been a nuisance for months or even years? And all this at a fraction of the usual cost?

The Turning Point: Outsourcing

This solution exists. The secret is introducing remote workers into your optometry business. This piece will explore six reasons why hiring remote workers could revolutionize your clinic’s operations.

Shed the Stress: A Personal Story

Meet me, Ankit Patel. Alongside my wife, I run Classic Vision Care in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the years, we’ve encountered various hurdles. From recruiting and training the right staff to maintaining high customer care standards and managing the ever-growing payroll expenses. It all seemed overwhelming until about five years ago when we discovered the power of outsourcing.

The Outsourcing Breakthrough: A New Dawn

Some tasks must be handled by optometrists onsite. However, numerous tasks can be completed remotely, even globally! Our breakthrough came when we hired offshore workers from the Philippines, which significantly improved our operations.

Why Go Global: Six Benefits of Remote Workers

Let’s delve into the six key benefits of hiring remote workers:

#1 Cost Savings

Labor costs in the US have been on an upward trajectory. In 2021, wages and benefits saw the largest increase in two decades. By hiring highly skilled professionals from the Philippines, you can stretch your budget further.

#2 Boosting Patient Revenue

Data shows that when trained properly, these skilled offshore workers can boost the average patient revenue by 30%.

#3 Enhanced Productivity

Training new staff is a necessity, but once they’re up to speed, your clinic can benefit from increased productivity. Remote workers can manage calls and back office tasks, freeing up your in-office staff for other crucial tasks.

#4 Consistency in Labor

Recruiting suitable employees is challenging. Remote workers provide a consistent, reliable labor force, ensuring your clinic runs smoothly.

#5 Reliability: A Priceless Asset

A reliable remote team is invaluable. Your in-office teams can depend on them to lighten their workload.

#6 Emergency Backup

Office closures due to weather or sickness can disrupt your business. But with remote workers, your operations continue unaffected.

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